Serious about having fun

Conceived in Oxford, 6 April 2012

‘Good Friday 2012. A bloke I’d never met came over to me in The Rusty Bicycle pub and out of the blue said that I had to read ‘Chasing Daylight’. He said his name was Eddie. It was a book and I read it.

It’s about the head of a massive global consultancy firm who learnt he had 3 months to live. ‘How my forthcoming death transformed my life’ is the sub-title. ‘You’ve got to do what you love and do it now’ is the message. Follow your bliss and follow it now. Cut the crap and cut it now. There is only one place where you are fully alive and that place is called ‘now’. Don’t wait for your twilight years to wake up and be fully alive.

So I turned my office into a rehearsal room, starting writing the songs I’d always wanted to write, put a band together and did some gigs. Chasing Daylight – the band – was born.

Thank you Eddie.’

Julian Sharples, February 2013

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